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SWOT Analysis: Strengths - The store is located at Piney Lake, which is the favorite spot of tourists in vacations. Whenever the families visit the lake, they surely visit the store, at least for once in a trip. It captures the 100% attention of tourists due to its prime location. The store sells uniquely crafted wooden toys, which captivate the tourists and force them to purchase at least one from the display. Wooden toys are the competitive edge of the store. Higher sales potential: By collaborating with, company has ability to earn higher profits than selling at just Piney Lake. Weaknesses: Stick to just wooden toys. Poor managerial skills to manage the store website. Not technologically sound. Opportunities: Store can enter…show more content…
Online 24/ 7 chat and phone service must be available to the customers for any assistance in purchasing or placing order. In order to prevent the past blunder to happen again store must hire the staff to manage the virtual business. Store must hire a competent website manager to manage it. At least, Customer service representatives should be hired by the store to handle online customer assistance services, in shifts. Professional marketing manager must be hired to market the website. Marketing of the brand on social media, everywhere on internet, Children magazines will attract a huge lot of potential customers towards the store. Promotion campaigns must be started in the schools and ladies clubs to attract children and mothers towards the products. At the start of the online business, the store must attract the customers via promotions, huge discounts, and free gifts. Moreover, children T-shirts, pen, pencil, and other stationary items with printed name of the store and logo must be given as gifts to the customers. This will also work as store’s promotion. This strategy will work as a vital food for the store’s online newly born

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