Tanglewood Case 3 Staffing Analysis

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Staffing Forecast I was currently asked by Tanglewood in completing an HR analysis data report and to provide them with a developing action plan in regards to planning for a new store in Washington. This data plan include a basic model which will include a forecast for labor requirements, labor availability to fill those empty positions. I will then do an environmental scan to the area of Spokane, WA. which will help determine what positions will need to be filled to make sure there are no gaps with employees. Prior information that I received from Tanglewood indicated that for each store they had previously the average total of employee's were 215. This included 1 store manager, 3 assistant managers, 17 department managers,…show more content…
This philosophy is a good one but sometime other circumstances can cause that to be a problem. Such problems as a shortage or overage of employee's in other positions. As shown in figure:1, I have calculated a forecast for future requirements. I then did an gap analysis calculation to determine any projected and gaps. As you can see, hiring externally will be needed to fulfill many positions except for assistant store managers. My calculation have indicated that there will be an over abounded of employee's. in this position. Tom make sure this does not happen, Tanglewood may want to set hire requirements when employee's are applying for this position. An example of this would be that each person must stay in their prior position for a certain amount of time. I would also suggest a time table to show them what skills they will learn before being promoted. To make sure no one leave for a different company, I would suggest you offer a compensation package for each step they accomplish before receiving the promotion. This will help you know who is committed to Tanglewood and willing to be a part of their work family for the long…show more content…
Although Tanglewood would like to try and meet their affirmative action goal in a single year, if do think they should set a goal for 2 years. Due to having to hire more the normal employee's, I think they need to set the goals they need to first and focus little at a time on keeping those goals steady. I feel this will keep HR from feeling overwhelmed and allowing them to succeed in accomplishing everything they need to do. I have also attached a memo that may help Tanglewood's other stores understand your goals. To All Tanglewood HR: It is essential that when determining hiring of employee's that you consider many factors in your search. One very important factor would be your demographic surroundings. It is important that you search how many are currently in the current position. This information can be currently found on the Bureau of Censes. The information you receive will help you to understand how many in that area are working in the current position you may offer. Also you can study the information to also determine what percentage of male/females, white and/non-white people have these skills. This information will help you to determine how long it would take you to meet your goal to meeting your affirmative action

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