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SWOT ANALYSIS OF BMW BMW was formed in 1916 as an aircraft engine manufacturing company. Today’s BMW has become a leading automobile manufacturing company. It focuses on manufacturing luxury vehicles. BMW has always been a premium brand oriented company. It manufactures three brands in BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce. These brands occupy various high-end market segments from small car to luxury premium car. Each brand within BMW has its own clear image. Its products have rich connotation in aesthetics and dynamic design, dynamic performance, technical content, and overall quality. The history of BMW certainly is one that exhibits strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Being one of the most reputed of our time BMW showed some of the following strengths: • BMW is a renowned company with a high position in terms of branding. • BMW is able to sustain its market position lucratively with its hub of exclusive cars. • BMW used advanced technology for its products that embarked its products design, quality and price. • Their close proximity to buyers of their products allowed BMW to effectively segment the market. • They build a reputation for product quality and a brand name that identifies with the aims and aspirations of the customer. • One of the oldest car manufacturers and have strong market presence and legacy. • Great Styling and elegant interiors. • Most of the cars are equipped with iDrive, an in-car infotainment system, which connects all the inner functionalities and capabilities Weaknesses • Poor profitability at BMW and a strong sterling pound contributed to BMW Rover UK failed merger. • BMW’s overall image was too serious and conventional in comparison with its competitors. • Low cost products of its competitors. • Overdependence on US and Europe market. Opportunities • The designing and control of technological developments such

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