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Enrique Zamora Diane Houston English 101 December 17, 2013 Writer checklist: With each essay submitted, a Writer checklist must be included. This Checklist should be submitted in the same document as your essay. Writer’s Checklist for Writing a Narrative. 1. Is my title and introduction enticing? 2. Is my thesis effective? 3. Have I included enough details so the reader can visualize my experience? 4. Are the events presented in a logical sequence? 5. Have I used transitions to help the sequence of events flow smoothly? 6. Have I used dialogue (if appropriate)? 7. Have I used a consistent point of view and verb tense? 8. Is the point of my narrative evident? 9. Have I ended the story satisfactorily? 10. Have I proofread thoroughly? Enrique Zamora Diane Houston English 101 January 6, 2014 2014 Chevy Camaro Z/28 Sports cars are popular to young drivers. In hand this attracts the older driver for the lust to feel young again. Even though the average American can’t afford one, the car brings a feeling of dominance and injects us with the need of adrenaline. In a few word what defines a sports car? Many people proclaim the ultimate sports car a two-door car, with a fire breathing exhaust. Others say a two door car with a fiery red paint job. The actual definition is a small, usually two seat, two door automobile designed for spirited performance and nimble handling. The Chevrolet Camaro Z28 can be regarded as the best sports car, contrasted to others. Chevrolet, also known as Chevy, was founded back in 1911. It’s a brand produced by an American corporation of General Motors. General Motors sells cars worldwide and offers a variety of cars, that range from compact car, sport utility, to sports cars. The 2014 Chevy Camaro Z/28 is one of the greatest sports car in the world. The Chevy Camaro

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