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1. The stage in the new product process that occurs first and has a pass ratio of 1:4 is the ________ stage. a) test marketing b) idea screening c) product development d) product soft launch 2. If Ming was interested in capturing distribution metrics for her retail organization, which of the following might she consider? a) Customer complaints b) Effective reach c) Share of shelf d) Trial rate 3. Creative strategies refer to the ________. a) amount of creative content in a communications message b) degree of innovation involved in the marketing of a product c) way marketers translate their messages into a specific communication d) novelty of a marketing communication 4. Top Gear is an award-winning British television series about motor vehicles, mainly cars. The show is presented by hosts who test drive new cars and provide reviews on the cars' performance, prices, and other factors. Which of the following personal communications channels is Top Gear closest to in description? a) Formal channel b) Sponsored channel c) Social channel d) Expert channel Find the final exam answers here MKT 571 Final Exam (Newest) 5. Mark feels that Shell delivers on its promises to supply the best gasoline possible to the public. His experiences with Shell have always been good, resulting in positive brand contact. Mark is most likely experiencing brand ________. a) parity b) alliance c) bonding d) essence 6. Robert is the owner of an automobile manufacturing company. He calls for a board meeting and tells his directors that he wants to build a car that lets drivers experience power and exhilaration. He tells them that the car must allow users to soar from 0 to 60 mph in about 4 seconds. He also says the price of the car must be affordable enough for anybody making a good salary. In accordance with the given scenario, Robert is trying to segment the

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