Hybrid Cars Essay

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Environmental issues have come to the forefront in the last few decades. As a result, community, government and industry projects to conserve, protect or maintain the environment have surged. A hybrid car is one that uses more than one means of propulsion. That exclusively means combining a conventional internal combustion engine with an electric motor. The target audience for hybrid cars include; environmentalists, middle-class people, and young adults. The companies of hybrid cars such as; Toyota and Nissan advertise their hybrid cars by newsletter promotions, T.V. commercials, displaying in museums to attract young students, and special promotions in shopping centres. They target young environmentalists because they’re enthusiastic; they have their whole life ahead of them and have time to be more considerate. The benefits of hybrid cars include; the hybrid car is a car which utilises two energy sources for its movement. It’s manufactured in the market which combines the benefits of an internal combustion engine and electrical motor. Shortening of gasoline means that hybrid cars are beneficial to the environment. Hybrid cars don’t handle as well as conventionally powered vehicles. Whereas the disadvantages; Hybrids have less bracing and support in the suspension and body. They use lighter duty components than in cars that are more performance focused. It has definitely proved its purpose, as the target audience of young environmentalists, would be more considerate in purchasing hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are conveyed as the cars of the future and suit the needs of young adults. This is considering the fact that they won’t have to fill and pay petrol all the time like other cars. The positives of hybrid cars, as seen from the information provided outweigh the negatives of hybrid cars. The first hybrid car came out in 1665 as a miniature four-wheel unmanned steam

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