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English 1301 October 30, 2012 Mustang Vs. Camaro In cars people usually tend to try and pick the most economical one. When you’re young and a male, we tend to want fast cars that can race but most don’t realize that they can still choose one with good gas prices. A good comparison, or example, to show us the truth in this, would be to compare two types of cars like the Mustang and the Camaro. The first comparison is the Mustang and the Camaros gas prices. The mustang shows to use 19 miles per gallon when riding around in the city, 31 out in the highway and the combination of the two is 22 miles per gallon and in addition the cost of fuel per year is $2450. On the other hand, the Camaro’s gas ranges are 19 miles per gallon in the city, 30 out in the highway, 22 miles per gallon combined and the cost of fuel per year is $2650. Furthermore, the Mustangs horse power is 412 and the Camaro has a horsepower of 426. However this does not necessarily make the Camaro faster than the mustang. The better engineering of the mustang and its design to be lighter helps the car go at much faster speeds. Also the motor happens to be more efficient and it has a better combination of parts as well. Not to mention I personally have experienced the efficiency and speed the mustang has against the Camaro. In the overall prices, the 2013 mustang costs $22, 200 and the 2013 Camaro costs $23, 345 which is a $1,145 dollar difference. The mustang is also more appealing to my eyes and many who own them. The interior of the mustang is also more comfortable, it drives smoother and has a much better sound system. As you can see clearly the Mustang is better when it comes to economy it is a least a little better with fuel and in overall price range the Mustang is cheaper and a more efficient

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