Should Cars Be Efficent

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Should cars be more efficient?, well this can be so and can seem not so efficient for cars. Not always can cars be efficient. I could pop the question when is efficiency desirable for the use of cars. This will be the point of view that I will tackle throughout this paper. Now in time and time to come, with the rise of growth, I think that when this happens efficient is not that of an importance. Within some years now, the auto industry has been growing. Efficient has raise a question in the auto industry, by questionable about weather the world can support the efficient in cars. If a single driver in a car that is able to carry 4 to 6 for a distance of 2 to 300 miles is not so efficient when we need only commute 30 miles each day to work and back. One study is the “heat engine” which is the internal combustion engine. This efficient vehicle can have more of efficient. Cars and trucks account for more than 60 percent of U.S. oil consumption and more than 25 percent of domestic carbon pollution, environmental statistics show. The auto industry has held on to cleaner burning fuels, more efficient engines and advanced battery technologies for gasoline-electric hybrids and full-electric cars that produce few to no emissions. Automakers are growing to boost efficiency, and many cars on the road already meet or exceed the 2016 targets. General Motors and Japan's Nissan are racing to roll out the first mass-produced electric cars later this year and other manufacturers have designs in the pipeline. The Obama administration in April completed regulations for passenger vehicles that Should Cars be more efficient? 3 will require a 30 percent decrease in carbon emissions and a 42 percent increase

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