Stick shift or Automatic

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Compare and contrast essay Buying automatic or stick shift car Buying a new car might be a great experience. The question is, which one is better, automatic or stick shift? It all depends in what would you prefer and what do you expect form the car. Saving gas, safety and fun are three important reasons to think before making a decision. Cars with automatic transmissions are a great way to drive around because they do not require much driving skill. People who don’t like to drive usually will choose an automatic transmission. Also automatic transmission cars get problems on the transmission more often than stick shift cars. In the other hand, Stick shift cars need skilled driving which has advantages. When a driver shifts a gear down to reduce their speed, they are actually saving on brake repairs and are very fuel efficient. Texaco Fuel Industries reported that Stick shifts cars save 20% more gas than automatic transmission cars. Stick shift cars will respond better to the driver which makes them safer. Safety is an important issue when we talk about cars. People who drive cars with automatic transmissions often do not pay as much attention as they should. In contrast; People who are used to shifting gears will focus more on their driving making it more efficient and safe. Cars with automatic transmissions have improved through modern chips that have developed better shifting and response with the driver just pressing on the gas. However, they are not as much fun because they are not as challenging. Cars with stick shifts have more power, and tend to respond better when you accelerate. Another reason for driving stick shifts is that it is just more fun! Stick shifts will make your driving more interesting. Race cars, for example, do not use automatic transmissions. Race drivers use the stick shift to take driving to a higher level for maximum

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