Lotus Elise vs Dodge Viper

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Lotus Elise Imagine having a car that can out-perform a $90,000 car like the Dodge Viper for the price of a Lexus. Now there is a new car that for a reasonable cost performs very close to what a race car could. This is the Lotus Elise, it’s a small British car that has been recently introduced to the United States. Lotus has always believed in keeping a car extremely light and not worrying too much about horsepower. That is exactly what they did with the Elise. It’s a $40,000 car that handles better than the Dodge Viper. This car is small and light giving it the ability to take corners at incredibly high speeds. Due to the fact that it’s so light, it can afford having a small engine. It has a small Toyota 4 cylinder engine which is 3 times smaller than the 10 cylinder engine of the Dodge viper. Despite its size this car is still incredibly fast. Even though the Toyota engine is only producing 190 horsepower, this car can still go from 0-60 in 4.7 seconds. The Engine is located right behind the driver. This helps distribute the weight evenly which helps improve the cars performance. The Elise can go faster than a Corvette Z06, and Porsche GT3. What makes you think it can’t take on a Viper? Even though those three cars are all more expensive and have a bigger engine. Keeping the weight down and only including necessities, is what keeps the price much lower and the speed higher. Although the Dodge viper would be faster in long straights the Elise is much quicker around corners. The downside is that the Elise is a lot less comfortable, and not so convenient to drive every day. But that is what you pay for if you want to have such an exciting car at a low cost. At first glance you would probably expect the Elise to cost about $100,000. The Elise has a unique eye-catching design that makes it stand out and no one would ever be able to guess it only

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