Pestle of Ford

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Below is a free essay on "Home Depot Mini Case" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. 1. PESTEL analysis to Home Depot and Ford Motor Company. What important external forces impinging upon the companies? Home Depot Political Factors- Government policies that effect the housing markets. Economic- The market, if we are in a recession or not. Social Cultural- Changes in income of consumers, having too much personal debt which doesn’t allow customers to get credit cards at store and buy more goods. Technological- Updating supply change and other everyday equipment and technologies they sell. Ecological – environmental and green movement Legal- Employee disputes and worker comp issues. Ford Ecological- Green movement and demand for better gas milage. Increased gas prices. Lower footprint left on the world by going green. Technological- Lighter cars, hybrids, longer lasting batteries. Economy- The type of market our society is currently in. If we are in a recession, consumers might not be buying cars. Social- Society is starting to go away from power and really want MPG. Save money any way possible. Are the forces the same, or are they different? Why? Ford has a limited market to just Automobiles to selling of car loans. More worried about legal because it decides what they can and can’t do. The economy would affect them both, but most of the items listed above would affect them both different since they are in such different markets. They would be related in ecological though with the green movement I feel. Since Home Depot is pretty well diversified in their store they would be able to weather the storms of bad sales better than Ford. Ford is in a Market with lots of competition and regulations from government and what they can and can’t sell. 2. Do you believe that Home Depot is
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