Lotus Rental Cars

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Lotus Rental Cars Executive Summary Introduction Lotus Rental Car’s Chief Financial Officer is looking for ways to increase profits and the consumer base by adding alternative fuel vehicles to the Lotus fleet. With fuel costs continuously rising, the need for alternative fuel vehicles is more attractive to consumers as a source of lower fuel prices. This appeal is not only to the regular rental car user but for the ecological minded occasional driver as well. Ecology and fuel efficiency are the cause for more people to start shopping for hybrid vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers are able to increase revenue with the sales of hybrids while increasing production to keep up with the demand. How this translates to a rental car company is as an additional source to supply the demand for these fuel efficient cars. Background Lotus Car Rental Corporation is looking into the feasibility of adding alternative fuel vehicles to the rental fleet. Currently, Lotus offers a wide range of vehicles for rental but is wondering if a demand for more fuel efficient vehicles as rental cars exist. Lotus Rental Car wants to reduce expenses and increase their consumer base by adding new fuel efficient and alternative fuel vehicles to the Lotus fleet if these measures would be profitable. Key problems With the high demand for car rentals, and having more ecologically aware consumers, keeping alternative fuel vehicles in stock has been difficult. Hertz Rental Car Corporation has 4,000 hybrids throughout the United States, rents the hybrids for more money and still has a higher demand than supply. The demand for the hybrids has jumped 40% in the last year. Because of high consumer demand, auto manufacturers do not offer big discounts to commercial accounts. The new fleets of fuel alternative cars will cost more money to stock inventory. Knowing Hertz is having problems
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