Mazda Protege Essay

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For the Mazda Protegé, the company wanted to reposition the car as a fun, trendy car with their advertising and promotion directed towards younger females. They began with their print ads appealing to younger females and their needs and wants while also creating commercials that reinforced this direction towards the younger, and more fun, age group. Mazda also went on the internet and interactively made a launch party for users to come in and learn more about the car while also giving the option to enter into a sweepstake, play games, dealer showrooms with the same “fun” tone, and an optional mailed CD with more info. The IMC strategy here was very well integrated in that they chose many modes of their branding strategy to reach their target audience effectively while reinforcing their core message of fun and liveliness in each of those communication outlets. For the Mazda 6, the target audience was a 30-something, car-enthusiast male so their approach to reach that audience was different, but still successful. Mazda took this target group as a collection of confident, mature, active and mechanically inclined males that want a car that is sporty and stylish. They took to the print ads (which were featured in more specialized and mature magazines) and designed ads that had a more sleek and dynamic look with the use of silver, red, and black to make them really stand out, especially against the hip- and happy-colored Protegé ads. Mazda still did a good job in reflecting the fun aspect of their car company by including quotes on their print ads that emphasized the exhilaration the car delivers and the little boy’s voiceover in their commercials. They also featured their car in newspapers, on radio channels, in the mail, and the internet to expand their message while also using nontraditional methods such as games, truck ads, publicity campaigns, and CDs to fully
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