Motorcars Essay

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Since its invention in 1885, the motor car has undergone many changes. Discuss whether science or technology is the driving force behind these changes. SECTION B Cars are Amazing! Cars are integral to the modern life. Today’s cars are high tech devices on four wheels. Since their inceptions in 1885 scientists have constantly been pushing the technological envelop to improve the performance and efficiency of motorcars. The use of technology has transformed motorcars from what was to what is. In a paradise where the use of motorcars is no longer just a ride, technology has reshaped every inch of motorcars from aerodynamics to handling, from take off to braking. Innovation within the automotive industry has brought major technological advances, leading to safer, cleaner and more affordable vehicles. If you’ve recently purchased a motorcar, the chances are it’s equipped with computerized technology designed to let you know when something is broken, a service is due, an unfastened seatbelt or even when a door isn’t shut properly. These are just a few of what we can see. Under the hood of a vehicle are spark plugs, brakes, air bags and many more. In the current time what makes a motor car depends on speed, versatility and productivity. Technology redefined every part of the modern day transmission and train drive for optimal torque and performance. The motorcar is now the moving office for tech savey and cutting edge technology that’s within your grasp anytime it’s needed. The availability of these technological advancements has also redefined the safety level in all aspects of the motorcar making it one of the safest forms of travel. In a nut shell without technology and its advancement, the industry would crash thus making technology the main force that evolves the industry.
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