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This paper will give information on my career choice, which is automotive engineering. I will explain why automotive engineering is my choice of career and why it is a good fit. I will also identify the difference between a job and a career in the automotive business. My choice of career is in the automotive engineering field, because I love to work on vehicles, and I have a passion for the different types of vehicles that are available for people to purchase and drive. The idea of working on and figuring out how the different vehicle’s engines work and how the engines are put together, fascinates me, and provides a great sense of interest into being able to one day design and build vehicles for people to drive. The College of Business (2010) states that, “Automotive engineers are the people who design and make cars for the efficiency, convenience and safety of people who drive them. The creation of the different types of vehicles, the research, design and efforts of many engineers, particularly the automotive engineer goes into this process.” Vehicles are intriguing in the sounds of the motor and in how the different types of motors perform in each vehicle, depending on the horsepower and the driver behind the wheel. My interest extends from the design of vehicles, the engine and transmission, how the vehicles operate, and how far a driver is able to push the vehicles and to what limit. My interest is in all the modifications that an automotive engineer can do to enhance the speed and power of the motor, how to disassemble the motor, to reassembling it. The field of automotive engineering is a good fit, because I love working on vehicles and I have a passion for working on vehicles, in every area from designing, building, disassembling and reassembling motors and vehicle parts, and especially driving the cars. This career is one that I think about all the time,

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