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Crystal Choy Mktg 129 Spring 2015 Case Analysis #1 Class Analysis The traditional car buying process is that customers will go into a dealership and then the car salesperson and the buyer would be negotiating face-to-face when it comes to purchasing a car. Autobytel took a different approach when it came to selling cars compared to the traditional buying process by offering a website where potential consumers would shop for the automobile online. What is different about this website is that consumers are able to access information about the cars and the prices compared to all the dealerships around the area. used to be the top of the online referral business in the market. This website was the first online service provided for buyers to shop for cars online so that they do not have to deal with the problems and hassles that arises that traditional buyers would usually deal with when they are at the dealership. Some of the cost and benefits to consumers of the Autobytel system at the time of the case were that they were hassle free compared to going into the dealership, they were good for beginnings, they offer financing and loyalty programs. This is good for beginner buyers because they are able to look at car pictures for every make and model with the specifications and pricing information. After they figure out what car they are looking for, they receive more information about the car they selected. They are also able to customize their car with possible features the car model offers. They also could submit a optional finance or lease application. When more companies started to create more of the similar websites, they created more competition for Autobytel. What separates the company and other referral companies are the additional services that they offer during the buying process. The company maintained high

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