Jct Task 2

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JCT2 Task 2 A1) There were many aspects considered in selecting how to design the product for the markets that were chosen in the simulation. I considered the markets and their needs, and the products themselves to evaluate which would be the best for my company to bring to market. When I choose the name for the company I wanted to select a name that would suggest to the customer that they were electing to do business with a company that was focused on the cutting edge of technology, and with a company that was committed to delivering business solutions for their growing needs. TechSol was created to relay those principals. The two offerings to be brought to market were also given product names that would hopefully elicit some consideration by the market customer. The workhorse offering was named “Innova”, derived from “Innovation”. The Mercedes offering was named “Design Max”, referencing the power and engineering software that it contained. Looking at the sales office locations that were offered I chose to enter New York and Paris, since these two markets showed the highest demand for the two offerings that were chosen for TechSol to bring to market, the Workhorse and the Mercedes. These two markets were chosen so that Techsol could position a high volume small margin offering to the markets that would stabilize production due its substantial need. The other side of that was to produce a lower volume high margin offering that would be easy to add to the production, with little additional overhead, and would add a good profit to the bottom line. TechSol chose to enter two large markets initially to take advantage of economies of scale for its production facilities to improve its cost position over its competitors to be able to enter the market at a lower price point than the competition. The market strategy of the company was to enter the market with a
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