Henry Ford's Lasting Impact

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Assignment 4.1 Model T Henry Ford has become an icon of American society. His dream was to build a car for the masses during a time when cars were a luxury only available for the wealthy. Ford created the Model T in 1908, igniting a revolution in America that changed manufacturing, transportation, and everyday life for the common man. When Ford first began producing the Model T, they were individually constructed by hand and took over twelve hours to complete. In order to make automobiles more accessible, Ford developed a way to automate the manufacturing process by using an assembly line to construct parts and assemble the chassis, thus lowering the price and highly increasing the efficiency. The process became more and more efficient, and eventually the factories were able to produce an automobile every twenty-four seconds. This assembly model would continue to be used and eventually adopted by many other industries. For instance, the fast-food industry revolves around this model. This is only one of the lasting contributions that Ford made to American society. The effect of automobiles on America is incalculable. What had once been a horse-and-buggy society became a fast-paced, mobile culture. As the Model T became a household name, the prospect of travelling across the country in an easier, more efficient manner came closer to reality than ever before. In 1909, President William Taft started an automobile race that ran from New York to Seattle. After twenty-eight days of travelling, the Model T was the first to cross the finish line. This achievement only served to add to Ford’s ever-increasing fame. The original price for the Model T was $850, and was eventually lowered to $260. In the early 1900’s this was an incredible deal. Until this time, automobiles had been too expensive for the common man to afford. Ford’s
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