How Henry Ford Affected the Lives of the American People

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Colton Greene Mr. Bates – 6 English Literature 12 12 February 2014 Senior Research Paper – Final Draft How Henry Ford Affected the Lives of the American People Imagine if Henry Ford did not invent the moving assembly line back in 1913. In that time, cars would not have been affordable and people would not have been able to get around as easily. If he did not make the first moving assembly line, most things today would not be as mass produced. Henry Ford directly impacted the lives of the people of his time by making cars more affordable and, without knowing, impacted the lives of many generations to come because the assembly line made it easier and faster to make products. To understand the impact of an assembly line one must first know what an assembly line is. An assembly line is s manufacturing tool where a product is moved past many stations where parts are added at each station. “In most cases, a manufacturing assembly line is a semi-automated system through which a product moves. At each station along the line some part of the production process takes place. The workers and machinery used to produce the item are stationary along the line and the product moves through the cycle, from start to finish” ( Assembly line Methods). “ Increasingly, assembly line manufacturing is characterized by "concurrent processes"—multiple parallel activities that feed into a final assembly stage” ( Assembly line Methods). Now that one has a basic understanding of what an assembly line is the effect on society can be explained. Back before Ford Invented the assembly line, life was much different. Cars were only an extremely expensive thing that only the rich could play around with ( Nevins 119 ). Your “average Joe”, everyday working man, got around by horse and buggy because it was the only affordable mode of transportation at the time ( Nevins 120 ). Back in

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