Super Size Me

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In the movie Super Size me, I thought it was very nasty that Morgan had to eat one of everything off the menu at Mcdonalds in just one month. Me personally, I could not even get close to eating that much food in one month at all. Morgan must have felt guilty about eating all of that food when he was so skinny to start with. He was like only 123 pounds, after eating Mcdonalds for a month he went up to 267.Morgan had seemed very depressed and he started to have very bad chest pains after eating all of that food there. If I ever had to eat all of that food.... I would be sick!. I don’t see how Morgan could go through all of that pain and eat all of that food!!! I would’ve thought he would have had really bad heart burn! I know that if you eat too much acidic food than you can get wicked bad heart burn to the point it feels like your heart is on fire. This movie would definitely change how I eat at Mcdonalds!, no more chicken nuggets for me after I saw how they made them. Morgan had started to have very bad chest pains once he started to eat all of the Mcdonalds in one month. It was hard to believe that there were seventeen different Mcdonalds in New York City in that little town. People say that it is Mcdonalds fault for them gaining weight, but what they don’t understand is that they have the choice wether they should eat it or not, or even how much they eat. They have control over wether they should go and pick out a nice healthy salad or go to a fast food restaurant such as Mcdonalds and get fatty food there that is super-sized, and get french fries that are all salty. So I say it is not Mcdonalds fault for people becoming obese and overweight all over the country! it is their own fault that they are gaining this much weight in such little time. Mcdonalds is a very popular restaurant where they advertise food all over the place on billboards in stores, on the
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