Persuasive Essay- Food Inc.

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Final Copy I have recently thought about diseases in meat. I also watched a movie called Food Inc. and it talked about the food industry. It persuaded me to change the food industry because corn is fed to cows to make them fat in a fast and cheap way, each burger contains about a hundred pieces from different cows, and getting sued for criticizing specific meat companies. The food industry needs to be changed one step at a time. First of all, corn is fed to cows to make them fat in a quick and cheap way. They can also get sick from eating the corn. Cows are made to graze as their natural habits, but all people want more meat so they are made bigger in size and weight. As it said in the movie, Barbara K, a mother of a dead child, said that her son, who was a young boy, died from having three hamburgers with contaminated cow meat and ending up dying from a disease call E. coli. For example, this corn is fed to pigs to give people thicker bacon. Just imagine someone eating two-hundred pounds of contaminated meat every day; nobody could tolerate that. The food industry is selling sick cows to people for money. They are killing cows who are just trying to find a place to peacefully graze on the earth. The cows have no say in what they have to eat so they are pretty much fed toxic garbage. Next, the food industry should be changed because each burger contains one-hundred different pieces of cows. Imagine people eating all of the cows on one farm. John White, a meat farmer, said that people are always calling him, complaining about people getting sick because of eating two bites of a burger and he is tired of it. Before, tobacco farming was very popular, but now it has changed to meat farming. The reason why they changed tobacco farming to meat farming is because selling meat was worth more than selling tobacco. Lastly, I would not want to eat a brown

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