Food, Inc.: The Inedible Truth

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The Inedible Truth After watching the documentary Food, Inc., I have become more aware of the food I buy and eat. The USDA and FDA are most importantly in charge of our food safety, but it seems like there is little awareness and understanding of what they actually do. Food Inc. helps show how our food is produced, packaged and sold in the U.S. It seems like our nation’s food supply is being controlled with the intent of making money by companies, opposed to producing safe and healthy food for consumers. The FDA and USDA are supposed to protect Americans. According to, their mission area is food safety, and that the nation’s commercial supply of meat, poultry, and eggs is safe, wholesome and properly labeled and packaged; and…show more content…
However, the documentary stated that the FDA does not conduct even ¼ as many food inspections as they used to in the 1970’s. Also, in 1998 the USDA introduced microbial testing, but even after some companies repeatedly failed testing, the USDA had no power to shut down these companies. One of the biggest problems is that our regulatory companies are now being controlled by the people who were either lobbyist for these food industries or were running them. We should be entitled to know about our food but have been so far removed and assume that everything we buy at the grocery store is healthy since it isn’t fast food. In reality though, there are only a handful of companies that control all the food in a supermarket or fast food restaurant. One striking comment that was made in the documentary about how food was produced was, “…if you knew, you might not want to eat it.” I completely agree with this comment and feel that our health is at risk if something drastic isn’t…show more content…
One of the biggest problems between all the animals that are slaughtered is E. coli. Cows’ corn-fed diet has caused E. coli to evolve, then the cows become caked with manure because of the conditions they live in so either it’s not all rinsed off, gets ground up in the meat or is in the run off from the factory farms and contaminates other vegetables being grown by farmers. One ways producers try to get rid of the E. coli is by mixing ammonia in with the meat to kill it, so not only are we eating E. coli, we are eating

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