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Persuasive Speech Outline Title: Organic Food: Why is better? Topic: Organic and humane alternative food sources and the regulations that the USDA places on them. General Purpose: To inspire my family to chose healthier foods. Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to shorten their food supply line and move towards eating healthier, organic and locally raised food. Behavioral Outcome: At the end of my speech, members of the audience will be able to distinguish what specific and relative regulations that the United States Department of Agriculture govern the food industry, to discern fact from fiction about organic and humane alternative foods, and will be persuaded to become more open to shortening their supply line of which they attain their food. Thesis: Not all foods that are labeled “organic” or “naturally raised” are necessarily the healthiest and best food alternatives; the USDA does not have strict regulations on certain terms such as “natural,” “all natural,” “naturally raised,” “free-range,” or “cage-free food.” Shortening your personal supply line on food will yield a healthier alternative to consuming food. Introduction 1. Beginning of story 2. My personal experience working at an organic health food store. Fact and fiction about the seafood, meat, produce, and prepared food markets. 3. Brandt beef agricultural practices in Brawley, California. 1. Background of knowledge 2. Know your labels 1. USDA from an objective perspective 1. Distinction between “100% organic” and “USDA Organic” foods. i 100%, ≥ 95%, ≥ 70%, and < 70% organic foods. 1. Distinguishing USDA Prime and USDA Choice meats, and the newly implemented USDA regulation on providing the country of origin. 2. The organic macro-perspective: looking at the broader picture beyond your individual subjective experience with dieting. 1. How organic farming means healthier

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