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Little Caesars Corp Office 7205 N Robinson Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73116-7710 To who it may concern: I think Little Caesars has the worst pizza out of all the pizza places. I had Little Caesars three times in my life and each and every time the pizza was disgusting. The first time I had Little Caesars I was starving, and I heard that your pizza was cheap at a price of 5 dollars per box. I think you should charge 50 cents per box because it was horrible. The things I did not like about the pizza is that it sits under a heat lamp all day and it is not fresh. There is never enough pizza sauce on the pizza and it taste like I’m eating just cheese and bread. The cheese on the pizza is atrocious because when you put something under a heat…show more content…
All three times I went to Little Caesars the service was poor and I went to a different place every time. The first time I went to the store and the service was poor I walked into the store and the cashier didn't treat me with any type of respect. They did not greet me and just said, "what do you want ?" with a mean tone in their voice. I just let it go because maybe he was having a bad day but as I started to order it seemed like the cashier was trying to overcharge me. I ordered two of the 5 dollar pizzas but the cashier kept charging me for extra things and when I told him about it he got angry and started yelling at me. I was being as calm as possible to tell him what he did wrong but he just kept yelling. Finally one of his co-workers came to help the cashier but he still had an attitude the whole time. As I was walking out he was talking trash and being very impolite. The address which this occurred is at 2810 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104. I felt much disrespected at your establishment and I think this complaint should not go unnoticed. I’m not sure if every Little Caesars restaurant has rude employees but every time I’ve been I encountered one. I am not the only person who gets disrespected at your establishment. A customer states, “the store on the boulevard has rude people I went in their tonight I ordered and there is a sign on the counter that states free cheesy bread if they fail to offer it I asked her for my cheesy bread she got really rude n told me no that’s false advertisement.” I think your establishment should hire more professional employees because many people are being disrespected. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope my suggestions were helpful, and that you will consider implementing them into your

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