Sugar the Bitter Truth

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ATHENS TECHNICAL COLLEGE ALHS 1060 Diet and Nutrition Therapy 1. Where does the term “carbohydrate” get its name and why are carbohydrates recommended as the main source of energy for the body? 2. List the functions of carbohydrates. Explain the benefits of each function. 3. Define and be able to provide examples (3 types) of the following: a. Monosaccharide b. Disaccharide c. Polysaccharides 4. Define and be able to provide 2 examples of food sources that contain each of the following: a. Glucose b. Fructose c. Galactose d. Sucrose e. Maltose 5. “Sugar substitutes” have become extremely popular for consumption in the U.S. diet; however, are these substitutes considered a truly healthy component of the diet? Why or why not? (Hint: You may need to search outside of the text for the answers.) 6. What is glycogen and what is its role in the body with regards to nutrition and energy? 7. What is the role of dietary fiber in the diet? Become familiar with sources of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. 8. What hormone controls glucose metabolism and if this hormone is not available, what disease processes may result? 9. Why do you think carbohydrates occupy a large portion of our diets? 10. You may have often heard that it may help to consume a sugary soft drink or candy before taking an exam…why do you think this advice is so popular? Chapter 3 This chapter introduces the student to the terminology and concepts Related to carbohydrates and how carbohydrates support the nutritional needs of the body. 11. Each layer of a grain of wheat is beneficial in the diet. Discuss and recognize the purpose of each of the three (3) layers of a grain of wheat. 12. Reflect on your food consumption for the past 48 hours…did you consume a large number of carbohydrates? Feel free to post your response. 1. Define the term “lipid”
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