Successful Online Distance Learning

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SUCCESSFUL ONLINE DISTANCE LEARNING Presently almost all the Universities and colleges in the USA have online Distance degree learning programs. There is a general misconception that online learning is easy as compared to campus classes. However the fact is that Online learning courses consumed almost the same time as learning in campus classes. It is my understanding that one’s personal life is as much important as the objective achieving a degree while remaining in a full time job. In online learning I will have to have a daily schedule for study materials otherwise I will not be able to complete assignments on time resulting in lacking behind the course. Therefore I must have to divide the time in such a way that my family life is not disturbed due to educational pursuit. In the absence of peers in online learning there are no personal friends for socialization. So I have to be realistic in understanding that online learning requires great discipline, regular daily fixed schedule with effective time management. At the same time I must convinced my family and friends to understand, appreciate and respect my time schedule so as the online learning may not be disturbed. I understand that I have to be very much familiar with computer operations, networking, typing speed and software handling etc. I must review online syllabus, learning materials and media presentations from time to time and participate online forum discussions and blogging as well. In the absence of class room attendance and hearing lectures from professors/lecturers I will have to very good in interacting with online instructor for clarification and guidance. Therefore in online learning I have to be very positive, self-reflective, use proper languages and titles and be professional. By practicing the above mentioned methods I believe I can achieve online learning experience and my ultimate

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