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Philosophy 105, Quiz #1 (Covers the course syllabus and Chapter One of the textbook) Answer all the questions. Each is worth 0.375 points. Maximum total = 12 points (0.375 x 32 questions). Follow all the rules about formatting and related matters that are included in the syllabus. You may add empty line spaces between questions/answers to improve the appearance of the page. DUE in the dropbox by Friday, April 12, Noon. 1. What is an "autodidact"? Explain in your own words (minimum 15 words). A: People who can study by themselves and use the useful material to reach the goal. For my experience, if people want to become an autodidact, they need to find some materials to help them study more effectively. For example, people need to read some materials by themselves. In other word, people must keep studying and do not give up when they meet some difficult condition.…show more content…
Why does the professor hope that each student become an autodidact? A: Because it is an online class, student must have this ability to learn by themselves through some reading materials and the helps from professor. Professor wants students work hard and learn by themselves. It was the basic ability for student attends the online class also it is necessary for regular class. 3. What is the value of the "virtual office"?…show more content…
In that time, the “virtual office” will play an important role to solve this problem. Student can call this help line and get the answer from professor in Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 11am and 7pm. Of course, professor cannot answer any question about exams or course material on the day before and on the day that quiz answer are due. It gives students and professor more free time and they can chat with each other more convenient. Student can get answer

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