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Sahara Ethel English 1101 27 Jenuary 2013 “I m Your Teacher, Not your Internet Service Provider” After doing internet teaching for four years, Ellen Laird writes the article “I’m Your Teacher, Not Your Internet Service Provider”. After all these years of teaching, Laird could not wait to put an end to it. She tells us how her honeymoon for distance learning is over because of how she has to stay up late trying to post assignment especially those who don’t respect deadlines. She stays up late when her family sleeps just to make her online classes effective. She also explains to us how she response to emails and post assignments all alone during the night. Furthermore, she also compares online teaching…show more content…
Sometime, they even begin the final project without the instructor’s authorization and proper guidance forgetting that without the instructions they might give the wrong information. An online student also expects services at all time of the night or day. They need to understand that waiting is part if teaching and learning for the internet speed is not the same as the course speed. Internet teaching is all about following instructions and doing your work on time. Traditional students must write a thesis and take notes before writing a research…show more content…
She says they range from fifteen years to fifty and of different occupation and nationality. Classroom base teaching limits student’s choices. Students don’t have to choose materials in the syllabus instead they have to follow it as a strict and fixed requirement because they are not allowed to make selections. At the end of the final project, classroom students mostly hand their research paper to their instructor while an online student gets to email theirs or put it in an online drop box. However, Laird says other than the fact that there is no face to face communication between the teacher and the students, there is also too much use of web. Both the student and the instructor have to learn how to use the computer. An online instructor has to be trained on file organization; course management, software use and more meanwhile classroom student just have to know basic computer skills because most of their work is done on campus. This again gives campus students another

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