Clifford Stoll Rhetorical Analysis

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Mid-Term Exam A high-tech heretic is a person who has been officially accused by his beliefs for technological and human development as following a false doctrine. That is what they refer to Clifford Stoll as and he is not that at all. I agree with Clifford Stoll on the idea that computers should not be used in the classroom because the students aren’t receiving and gaining the knowledge that they should be receiving. His view on the issue that computers are not good in the class room is a different one, but very true indeed. He uses several examples to explain his theory. First he makes the statement that our kids are becoming illiterate because we spend too much time on the computer trying to put color on our projects and downloading the material so that…show more content…
In that since why teach the computer programs and such when all of those things are constantly changing so they are going to have to re learn everything they were taught every year. Dr. Stoll says all they really need to know is how to use “a word processor, manipulate a spread sheet, know what a database does, be able to use e-mail, and know how to use the internet.” Lastly Dr. Stoll says that computers are hindering our students basically because they allow the students to take the easy way out. They really do not have to use their brain muscles at all and I quote, “Instead of asking whether or not technology can support the curriculum into a mold so that computers and calculators can be used.” In conclusion the idea and theory the Clifford Stoll has seems to be very true and you really cannot deny that because all of the signs are true and every supporting statement that he uses is true because I have either seen it happen or it has happened to me….but hate to say it, I still like to learn from

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