The True Myth Of Education: Standardized Testing

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The True Myth of Education: Standardized Testing By Arthur Ramirez University of Texas at El Paso Abstract Standardized testing has been a raging topic in society, is it justified to give these tests to students. Students are constantly pressured with test that might decide their fate. Students do not get properly taught on the subjects they are taking due to these tests. Tests are not correct since they do not take factors in to count. Tests do not take in to count the environment, the demographic, and especially what type of students is taking the test. Tests have various negative effects on these students and the administrators. Introduction Its here the letter of his dream college, he opens it eagerly but sadden to his surprise…show more content…
These kinds of test have been going on for years but they have not put as much importance as they do now. Kids are getting stressed out due to these tests so by the time they take the test they have used all the energy cramming to learn what is on the test. In the past there was no added stress because the outcome of the test did not decide the outcome of their future. If they do bad on test then it creates a domino effect, these test decide who these kids are. It decides if they go into remedial, regular, or advanced classes. Then some students end up learning more than others where learning actually counts because administrators want to get them test ready. Before, teachers taught the subject and sometime throughout the year students took a test without pressure that they would be held back or certain things like that. Teachers are also affected because they actually have to teach two courses. There is a period out of the year where they can only teach about the subjects on the test. The education system is being tested through standardized testing. There are a lot of pros and cons of standardized testing that we will uncover with these questions: 1. What are standardized test implemented for? 2. Do test decide the path you will follow and eliminate your dream? 3. Does standardized testing limit students to what they learn in the schools education…show more content…
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