Stress in the Modern World Essay

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Stress in the Modern World Stress is a twentieth century disease. It is one of the problems of modern society and our hectic way of life. Stress is difficult to define because it takes many different forms and affects people in different ways. Some people are more prone to it than others. In general, we can say that stress occurs in individual because he or she can’t cope with pressure at work or in their private life. Stress can be induced by long-distance travelling, a long working day, competition in the office, the need to earn more money, and so on. These various problems aggravated by lack of exercise and a poor diet. Executives often eat too much and drink too much alcohol. Sometimes they have to work during their lunch break, and it is not uncommon for businessmen to miss some meals altogether. This weakens the body’s ability to resist the affects of stress and the results can be traumatic: heart attacks, digestive disorders, psychological problems, and, in some cases, suicide. Some people feel pressured because their salary is not enough to provide their families with a high standard of living. Life gets more and more expensive and it becomes harder to maintain a desired way of life. Stress is also present in families were the breadwinner has been made unemployed. One day you are able to support your family and to give your children everything they need, and the next day you do not have enough to buy the bare essentials of life. It is only in recent years that thorough research has been done into the psychological effects of unemployment. Some husbands become violent when they have no job to go to, others simply lose interest in life and have trouble getting up in the mornings. Many of us relax in very unhealthy ways. We sit in front of the television or go out to restaurants and eat rich food. What we need to do is take regular exercise

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