Strategies For Motivating Scooter's Marketing Strategy

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AST1/Task 1 Tiare Rush Student ID#000305228 Strategies for Motivating Scooter Dealerships Company S is excited to be ready to enter the motor scooter market with our newly engineered scooter with much better fuel economy than all of our biggest rivals. Although our scooters cost a fraction more than the ones on the market today, we believe that the value added will make our company successful. I have identified here several strategies to help motivate the dealerships to help us to move our product. 1. Avoid Taking Business from your Dealerships Our partnerships with our dealerships are built out of trust. One way to build that trust with our partners are to give them the feeling that their income revenue from us will be…show more content…
Creating more profit opportunities by increasing marketing and promotion will encourage the dealerships to bring in and stock more of Company S’s product. This strategy is advantageous because it increases the opportunities for profit for not only the dealerships, but for Company S as well. If the dealerships sell more units, then Company S will make more money as well. This will create trust between Company S and it’s dealerships. A disadvantage of this strategy would be costly. It costs a lot of money to advertise and promote the products which could cause the cost to be passed on to…show more content…
Making sure that product is manufactured on time (taking into account any delays that may arise from overseas manufacturers) and ready for distribution when the consumer needs it. It is very hard for the dealerships to be able put their names behind a product that is difficult to keep in stock as todays consumers are on a “I want it now” basis. The advantage to this strategy is that if you have marketed and advertised properly, there will be demand at the dealerships from your product. If you are able to keep the dealerships properly stocked, then they will be pleased, as well as the customers and you will make your money back from all that costly advertising. A disadvantage would be that it will take resources to be able to keep items in constant stock and staff to ensure that logistics is running

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