Btec Bsuiness D1

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D1: Evaluate How Managing Resources and Controlling Budgets Can Improve the Performance of Asda. It’s important for Asda to manage all its resources and control its budgets so that they can be successful. Managing resources and budgets gives Asda more structure and allow Asda to be more stable which can lead to a high performance and success. If resources and budgets are not controlled then problems could occur for Asda, which then could lead to bad performance and failure. Managing the human resources can help to build more reliable and hardworking employees. If they can manage their human resources the right way it can lead to highly motivated and skilled staff and can defiantly improve performance. E.g. at Asda it’s important to provide staff with incentives so that they feel their work is being valued and they will want to work harder to achieve targets, Asda have to treat their staff right because if they feel like they are being harshly treated then they will take out their feelings on the customers and then Asda will lose custom from that store, also they give employees pride to work for the company. I believe that if the management of the human resources department is done in the right way then it can be an important factor for what success a business will have. If the staff are well trained and looked after, they will provide better customer service which will bring more customers there so they will make more money but just doing that one task is nit enough, staff will also need to re-stock shelves that are bare and they would have to do that quickly so that there is always fresh food for customers to buy, staff will also need to multitask so being able to do the job they are doing while helping a customer at the same time. Managing physical can have big say in how much money Asda spend, ensuring that the building and the space inside is well maintained
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