Kudler Fine Foods Pricing Strategy

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Channel and Pricing Strategies The contents of this paper will continue the discussion on Kudler Fine Foods (KFF). With the home country being China, Team B has chosen Canada for the second country. A discussion on the sustainability of the market, trends, growth rate, size and profitability will also be included. Using the appropriate channel, pricing strategies, and environmental factors such as government and economic issues will be discussed. Last the innovation, technology, social, and demographics will be included. Sustainability of the Market Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is a growing company with quality products. According to Kudler, their mission is to “provide this service because we "shop the world" for our products; purchase only…show more content…
240). Using this strategy of promotion could cause more exposure for KFF and help them become more globalized. If the company carries and sells the products the right way, the consumers will think “this company means business, let’s show our appreciation”. To make any company grow individuals need to promote it in the right way because promoting a company the wrong way could cost the business…show more content…
Certain factors, such as current interest rates, exchange rates, and monetary and fiscal policies will be factored into the expansion and can affect KFF in different ways. Interest Rates With their economy in its current state, the interest rates in Canada are relatively low. These low interest rates mean that any loans taken out in the country will most likely not accrue large amounts of interest, which is important for pricing strategies and determining what marketing strategies can be used. Exchange Rates The Canadian Exchange rate is currently on the high end, meaning that the economy is currently strong. The high exchange rates will also allow for help in the pricing strategy. With business expansion to China, it is important that KFF takes into account the higher exchange rates in Canada to help increase overall profits from pricing. Monetary and Fiscal

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