Stx Marketing Plan

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STX Hockey STX Hockey Integrated Marketing Plan Chaz Bullington Minnesota State University, Mankato STX Hockey Integrated Marketing Plan Situational Analysis Internal Analysis STX is a new company in the sport of hockey. They pride themselves on providing innovation for the equipment they make. The company STX was founded in 1970 by Richard B.C. Tucker. The company is currently the world’s leading manufacturer of lacrosse equipment. STX created the first synthetic lacrosse stick and plastic head in 1971. This was a major innovation for the game of lacrosse. STX also manufactures golf putters along with field hockey equipment. The major factor that STX has to face is the competitors already in the market. This includes Easton, Bauer, CCM, and Warrior that already have established brand names. External Analysis External factors will be identified with the P.E.S.T model- Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors. With STX being an international company a political factor that could affect them is if governments put a restriction on what materials can be used to make the equipment. If this situation were to happen it could lead to the company having to use different materials in different countries. By having to use different materials it would raise the cost of both research and development along with raw materials. This could cause headaches further down the line. Economic growth in both the world and the United States could be beneficial to STX. With the value of the dollar raising it will increase real Gross Domestic Product. When the country as a whole is better it will make people feel good about spending money. Once people start spending money, the country will start to resemble what it used to be. In addition exchange rate could be a big factor on the amount of product that you export. This could have a bearing on what the company’s bottom line
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