Strategies for Communication Bariers

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Strategies to Overcome Communication Barriers In Health and Social Care Settings

In this report i will be assessing the strategies used by health and social care environments to overcome communication and interpersonal interaction barriers. I will be considering physical, cultural, intellectual and social barriers and strategies such as staff training and how to diffuse aggression. I will also evaluate how useful these strategies are and which ones can be used for the more complex situations such as mental health problems and dementia.

There are many barriers that can arise in a hospital situation as they deal with a variety of patients. As a physical barriers the patient may have sensory impairments such as loss of sight or hearing which can meek communication difficult as they may not hear all of what you say or cannot see what you are pointing at on an x-ray. As a solution they are trained to react in certain ways to overcome the barrier, in this situation they would speak slowly and listen carefully to the patient. You want to pronounce clearly to them so no words are missed or misconstrued. The use of communication aids can be useful in this situation as well such as a hearing aid for those with hearing difficulties as it will amplify what you are saying to them. Braille is used for the blind as they used the raised dots on paper to read and are quite often found on the boxes of medicine. (Royal College of Nursing, Online, 2010) The use of a hearing aid is very beneficial and will improve hearing which helps the communication to be clear but will also give a better quality of life to the patient ad they can now hear better. However they will not work if the patient has totally lost their hearing so using visual things such as writing down words and imitations will be useful as they are using the strengths of the patient to overcome the barrier to

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