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Health & Social Care Level 3 Understand and Enable Interaction and Communication with Individuals Who Have Dementia – CU1682 1.1 Explain how different forms of dementia may affect the way an individual communicates. It becomes increasingly more difficult for a person with dementia to communicate effectively, and this can vary from person to person, and by the type of dementia they have, and how far progressive it has become. Some of the different types of dementia include: Alzheimers Vascular Dementia with Lewy Bodies Parkinsons Dementia affects an individual’s capacity to remember and recognise things, as well as lose their ability to speak and understand speech. It also affects their motor skills. All of these…show more content…
As a carer I am aware that I need to be able to understand the ways in which I can make it easier to communicate with someone who has dementia. It will become difficult for a person to tell you if they are in pain, if they are frightened or upset, so by using other factors such as body language, eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, I am able to determine these things and then I can communicate back to the individual calmly and slowly, in a manner that is appropriate to them. 1.3 Describe how to support different communication abilities and needs of an individual with dementia who has a sensory…show more content…
A person with dementia is often frustrated, sometimes angry, and we need to realise this as part of their condition, and that we should not react in a way that would provide further anguish to them. They may also act inappropriately towards you or others. It can be difficult for them to understand that this is not appropriate, so the carer must diffuse the situation calmly and discreetly. A carer must always be understanding of the condition so they are able to provide the correct level of support. 4.1 Explain the difference between a reality orientation approach to interactions and a validation approach. Reality orientation places an individual in the present day, and reminds them of the time, day, place and situation. This should be repeated throughout any interaction so they are reminded continually. Validation focuses on how an individual feels and how we can validate those thoughts and feelings. It is a way of communicating with a dementia sufferer without having to brutally answer any negative questions. By swerving the questions in a direction which makes them question their own thoughts, this is an indirect way of reminding them of something they have forgotten, such as them asking what time their parents are coming to visit. You could answer by asking them how old they are, this can then prompt

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