Supporting Individuals With Dementia

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Unit 2 The person centred approach to the care and support of individuals with dementia. 1.1 Describe what is meant by a person centred approach. Person centred approach is the person is being cared for rather than focusing on the disease. To try and understand the behaviours of the individual and how to respond to these also. The carer would encourage the individual to have more of a say in their day to day life, get them involved in decision making and feel valued. The individual would be inclined to reach goals if we all worked together. 1.2 Outline the benefits of working with an individual with dementia in a person centred manner. Benefits of working in a person centred manner will give the individual self-esteem and actually…show more content…
The individual may feel that they can't cope and give up,. The carer might feel that they can't cope looking after the individual so help is needed. The individual may not be sleeping as well as they have been and through lack of sleep they are frustrated and the confidence and well being is being effected, so help from others would be welcomed by both parties. 3.3 Explain how to access the additional support of others when supporting individuals with dementia. I would access additional support by asking by manager if they have support groups available and by asking support workers. Helplines like Alzheimer's will offered help as will NHS through the website and gain information on the public health pages. There might be local support groups. The doctors could give you support and the individual maybe be referred to a specialist. Day centres offer help and respite and that will help the individual and family members. Social services can be contacted for guidance and support and also the individuals community social services. Friends and family of the individual may offer help and support

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