Dem 202 Essay

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1.1 Describe what is meant by a person-centered approach This is about ensuring that the person (with dementia) is the main focus of our attention and not the dementia. It recognises a person's individuality, their personal history and personality. The idea is to see and understand the world from the individual's perspective. When a person behaves in a way that is difficult, aggressive or inappropriate it is the role of others to try to understand why the person is behaving in that way, especially if they are unable to explain this themselves. Knowing their past history, relationships and interests or trying to see the world from their perspective can often help with this. Person-centered also means focusing on the best in someone, their strengths rather than their difficulties, responding to their feelings even when we do not understand their behaviour. 1.2 Outline the benefits of working with an individual with dementia in a person-centred manner The benefits are that the individual and their families will feel empowered and safe within the care being provided. If everyone within the care setting is carrying out a person centred approach and recording and passing on relevant information to other staff members everyone will become familiar with the individual and their requirements, which in turn will make them feel empowered too, this will go a long way to promoting good communication. 2.1 Describe the role that carers can have in the care and support of individuals with dementia Carers can support individuals with dementia by: Being understanding, caring, compassionate, and having patience . All of the above are necessary requirements to the care of an individual with dementia as it can be a very challenging illness. In the early stages of dementia carers can help an individual by talking about their life history and experiences, they
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