D2 Justify Ways of Overcoming Difficulities That May Arise Whrn Implementing Anti-Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care Settings Essay

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Difficulties that may arise when implementing anti-discriminatory practice and ways of overcoming the difficulties in health and social care In this unit so far I have looked at ways in which individuals should be treated in health and social care settings. I have also looked at legislation, policies and discrimination. In health and social care, it is important to be careful with what you say and do. This is so that you do not cause offence to anyone or discriminate against a certain individual or group of individuals. It is important to promote anti-discriminatory practice when working in health and/or social care settings however; when you are implementing this, there can be some difficulties. Below I am going to discuss the difficulties that may arise when implementing anti-discriminatory practice and I am going to justify ways of overcoming the difficulties. First of all, in health and social care it is likely that you are going to come across other workers and professionals that are showing discrimination to certain service users. This can make service users feel unworthy and can really lower their confidence and self esteem. As a professional, if you see this happening, it is your duty to challenge the worker. This can be done in a number of ways. Firstly, you can directly challenge colleagues or other professionals who you believe are showing discriminatory practice. This can sometimes be difficult as it can cause conflict. It is important that you remain calm and simply say to your colleague that you believe what they did was wrong. They might agree with you and apologize to the service user. This means that this difficulty has been overcome, however on the hand; the colleague might become aggressive and demand that they were not being discriminative. If this happens, you should tell them your side and express your ways of which they can do it better.
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