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Paul Rees Unit 4222-258 Describe how a range of factors have a negative and positive impact on individuals with sensory loss. There are many different facts that can have a impact on people with sensory loss. Communication and awareness play big roles in the impact. They may find it difficult to feed themselves, dressing and mobility. Hobbies and interests can have negative impact on their lives. They may also feel scared and alone due to this. There can be positive factors that can help out the person such as increased help, aids for support and a good support team could give them a brighter outlook on life. Organizations might help the Deaf and Blind with many different aspects of their life to support or to helping them find the right kind of support Identify steps that can be taken to overcome factors that have a negative impact on individuals with sensory loss. Some steps that can be taken to overcome the negative factors could be Make sure that areas are clear of obstacles that an individual with sight impairment might trip over or bump into. Make sure that hearing aids are working or that glasses prescriptions are updated Make them aware of all the different groups and organsation that can help them Challenge any discrimination. Make sure you address the person appropriately instead of talking over them as if they are not there. Explain how individuals with sensory loss can be disabled by attitudes and beliefs. People placing limitations on the person with the sensory loss can be disabling, for example, believing that a blind person can’t manage alone or that deaf people are funny because of the way they talk. These attitudes and beliefs can prevent the person being included in society as an equal. This can then have a negative effect on the person and lead them to believing that they have
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