Stop Eating Junk Food

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Stop Eating Junk Food Fast-food companies such as Kentucky Fry Chicken and McDonald appeared since 1900s. Although the chickens are high in saturated fat, oil, and cholesterol, it was considered healthy at that time. The taste of the smooth chicken meat in KFC soon gets popular among the public. After a short period of time, McDonald was also created to form a competing force against KFC. However, they cut the cost within the modern technology and soon became unhealthy. People should be stop eating junk food like KFC. The more you eat, the more kind of bad technology they will develop. In scientific angle, junk food contains a lot of processed sugar, that may lead to the cause of diabetes; and salt which causes heart disease. It's also a waste of food when you could be eating things with vitamins and minerals which make your body healthier. With the same amount of healthy food and junk food, the healthy food has much much higher nutrition value. Junk foods are rich in fat, which causes obesity (fatness). Obesity can cause a series of diseases, and the top ones in the United States are: 1. Heart Disease, this is one of the deadliest and most common fast food obesity diseases. People with obesity usually have lower levels of good cholesterol and higher levels of bad cholesterol. This increases the risks of obesity heart disease tremendously. 2. Diabetes, it is one of the fastest growing obesity diseases. What happens here is that your pancreas is unable to supply sufficient amounts of insulin to convert sugars into energy. This means that the unconverted sugar floats around the blood, which is very harmful. 3. Sleep Apnea, the disorder means that you might actually stop breathing while sleeping, which causes you to wake up suddenly several times during the night. You may not even be aware of this Stop Eating Junk Food disruption of sleep, but it prevents you from

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