Persuasive Essay: Malnourishment In The United States

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Shyanne Hill ENG101-200 13 Nov. 2014 Persuasive Essay Malnourishment in the United States Malnourishment in the United States is caused mainly by the consumption of unhealthy, cheap foods that are low in nutrition and staffed with calories and fat. This eventually leads to obesity. As surprising as it may seem, one of the factors affecting obesity is poverty. As a matter of fact, there can be no doubts that poverty and obesity are interconnected. Provided more attention is focused on this, the health of the Americans can be improved. The majority of American adults and American children are either overweight or obese. Families suffer from food insecurity such as obesity and hunger, which take place when access to satisfactory and safe…show more content…
After that, if food is available, more food is usually consumed, which helps the progress of obesity. The consumption of more organic foods can combat obesity and malnourishment. Unlike fast food, organic foods are not toxic and have more useful nutrients. However, their price is usually high, and families with low income cannot afford them. Organic food is expensive due to a number of different factors. Today only one-tenth of American citizens buy organic foods on a regular basis. If the demand for organics grows, ultimately, the price should go…show more content…
The only form of recreation or exercise for the majority of children is physical education. Typically, physical education is offered only once or twice a week, which is insufficient. The governments should do something to re-evaluate its standards for physical education. School is a place where children should be educated about healthy lifestyles. Consequently, physical education should be a part of this educational tool and should be provided most days of the week in public schools. Improvements can be made to cut the prices of organic food so that people with different incomes can afford buying healthy foods. If organic foods get more popular, their prices will be much lower. Additionally, grocery stores should be stocked with locally grown food but not with food imported across the country or world because the shipping affects the product’s price. Farmers would be able to economize on shipping fees; the environment wouldn’t be so polluted because less gas has to be consumed to ship the products; finally, people would be able to purchase healthy foods at less expensive

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