Obesity Epidemic Behavior Analysis

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Picture a two level shopping center in a busy metropolitan area. In this shopping center, there is a gym that is located on the second level. The people who come to this gym are definitely in the right mindset because exercising is very important to maintaining a healthy weight lifestyle. Unfortunately, the designer of this shopping center thought it would be a great idea to put an escalator from the lower level to the entrance of this gym. Furthermore, as you reach the top and the bottom of this escalator respectively, the first things you see are vending machines selling sodas and other snacks. There is nothing wrong with the idea of making it easier to get to the entrance of a gym, but when our country is going through a boost of obesity,…show more content…
Some of the main influences include genetics, physiological influences, food intake and eating disorders, and lifestyle just to name a few. One surprising influence on obesity is pregnancy. About 15% of women weigh 20 pounds more after being pregnant (Intellihealth, 2009). To know if you are obese, there are certain symptoms that began to show. The main symptom is having an above average body-weight. Others include trouble sleeping, sleep apnea, varicose veins, and osteoarthritis in weight-bearing joints, especially the knees (Intellihealth, 2009). Obesity has also been linked to high blood pressure, as well as to high levels of blood sugar (diabetes), cholesterol and triglycerides (WebMD, 2008). If symptoms arise, there is a way to diagnose obesity. Using a calculation called the Body Mass Index (BMI), you can determine if you fit into the obese category. BMI is based on a persons height and weight, and a BMI of more than 30 defines obesity. A score of 30 or more means that your body’s weight is 30%-40% more than your ideal weight should be. Body shape is also important. People who carry most of their weight around the waist (apple shaped) have a greater risk of heart disease and diabetes than do people with big hips and thighs (Intellihealth, 2009). Unfortunately, people tend to get BMI mixed with body fat percentages. While both are a great way to test for obesity, BMI can a little misleading. A body fat test is done using a skin caliper. A skin caliper measures the thickness of one’s skin. Finally, waist circumferences are another way of measuring the more dangerous abdominal obesity. A man with a waist larger than 40, or a woman with a waist larger than 35, are at increased risk for the aforementioned health

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