Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Interview

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This paper will be about the infrequent joint appearance at All Things Digital 5 about both Top-Level Managers and competitors Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The first segment of the video was about the question, in how far both contributed to the computer and technology industry. Bill Gates built the very first software company in the industry, before anybody knew what “software” is actually dealing with. As a matter of fact, this “invention” and “launching” of software, which can be used of everybody in the world, was very innovative and changed the world. Microsoft evolved to the most famous and successful companies in the world. Steve Jobs, on the other hand, also pursued a dream of producing mass-market machines and founded Apple. After having serious economic problems in the mid-nineties, Jobs was considered as one of the most innovative and successful Top-Level Manager at the latest in 2007, after Apple focused on new, innovative devices like the iPhone. Competitive Advantage is an essential topic when having a company. So it is important to consider innovation, quality, service, speed, cost competitiveness and sustainability, otherwise the customer will go to the competitor. Both, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates see each other as one of the main competitors in this software market, because after all these years there are not lots of software companies left who can compete with each other. Furthermore, Jobs stated that there is a trend, that many people (new “leaders”) want to start their own businesses and that this is “healthy” for the next-generation devices. Partnerships with new companies will automatically evolve. But it is connectedly also a “period of risk” because new inventions could succeed but also fail. Gates said, that it is also a “great period of invention” especially by reason of the new medium, the Internet, which effected a technological

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