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INTB 6217 Sec 02 February 29, 2012 Giganet Case Study Would You Characterize Giganet as a success? Why? Giganet, a network switches and software company founded by David Follet in 1994, promises to provide companies with improved speed and bandwidth through the use of their switches over those currently used. Giganet’s founder realized early that developing a quality product would only be part of the recipe for success. If they wanted to be truly successful they would need to elicit the expertise of a professional management team already a tested and proven success to create a product strategy that would catapult them into the industry. With the help of Neil Ferris, co-founder of Apollo Computers, a company that realized $1 billion worth of success through its IPO, Giganet hoped to realize some of the same successes. And they did. After an uncertain start and many failed attempts at raising funds with several major industry leaders, Giganet finally succeeds in striking a deal with Dell. Dell offered to use Giganet’s switches as well as invested $5million in the company. Dell’s product backing opened up major doors for Giganet starting with a $6million investment from Merrill Lynch and ultimately resulting in an offer to purchase the company for $300 million by Emulex. A worthy product, highly developed technology, and Industry leaders knocking down the doors to invest in Giganet certainly characterizes the organization as a success. But without the experience, expertise, innovative business solutions, and product promoting of Neil Ferris Giganet could have just as easily met its demise. What did Ferris do that contributed to that success? Neil Ferris was able to draw on his 30 years of achievements in high tech startups to drive Giganet towards those same successes. Ferris established an innovation infrastructure that included Envisioning,

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