Apple and Foxconn Improve Their Working

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Apple and Foxconn improve their working conditions Apple is an American multinational companies, design and sales of consumer electronic products, computer software, and personal computers, Macintosh series computer in the company's best-known hardware products iPod, iPhone and iPad. Foxconn is a Taiwanese multinational electronics manufacturing company, headquartered in Tucheng, Taipei County, Taiwan. It is the world's largest manufacturer of electronic components, the largest exporter in Greater China. Foxconn has been involved in some controversy, mainly how to manage employees in China; it is the largest private employer in the world. Fair Labor Association in 2012, Apple hired to audit the working conditions at Foxconn. Apple and Foxconn working conditions In the past decade, Apple has become one of the worlds most powerful, richest and most successful companies in the master part of the global manufacturing. Dozens of Apple and its high-tech counterparts - as well as other American industries - have achieved unparalleled in modern history the pace of innovation. However, the assembly of the iPhone, iPad and other devices often in the harsh conditions of the workers, the internal employees of these factories, worker advocates and the companies own published documents labor. Employees work in an onerous work environments and serious - sometimes fatal problem. Foxconn factory in 2012, desperate workers everywhere can see. Their work in harsh environments, the radiation in the air they breathe, they work more than 12 hours a day, very low wages of 2,000 Yuan per month in 2009, from 317 Yuan to 900 Yuan per month or $ 143. They always sat in the hot factory, doing the same thing every day. They feel they have no future. All of these conditions make the Foxconn sweatshops. “Ask around among the more than 250,000 workers at the Shenzhen complex, and you’ll find

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