Bill Gates Turning Point In U.S History

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6/7/10 U.S History Per 2 Turning Point Essay There have been many people in American history that impacted our society with their turning point. What exactly is a turning point? Well, a turning point happens when an event happens in history involving a whole country or a substantial amount of people that changes the traditional pattern of behavior or order. The person that I feel contributed to one of the biggest and most helpful changes in American history is Bill Gates. His Creation of Microsoft revolutionizes the computer world and made the lives of people easier (Microsoft Corporation). Bill Gates, by creating America’s dependence on computers with Microsoft serves as one the most important turning points in American History. To start with, before there was even a Microsoft, there was very little scope for personal computers and software related to computers back then (Computer changes in the 1970’s). In the beginning of the 1970’s, few people had no idea what their computer technology would lead to and only a few people probably had the vision that they would have been made into what they are now. Before Computers had any sort of Microsoft software, computers were somewhat hard and too complex for people to use. So pretty much people got frustrated and never really used their computers as often as they do today. In addition, the costs of computers were pretty high and people didn’t really enjoy what the computer had to offer in terms of software technology and for personal reasons (Before Microsoft: the upbringing of Bill Gates). Ultimately, A prefect explanation of Gate’s hard work and genius mind made way to one of the greatest turning points in American History by making personal home computers more accessible, personal, fun, and most importantly more simple for everybody to use. Bill Gate’s hard work and dedication to create a complex operating

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