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The movie “Stepford Wives” which is directed by Frank Oz is about Joanna Eberhart (Nicole Kidman) a successful TV producer. After she is fired from her job some mental problmes occurs and she and her family move to a new place called “Stepford” to make her recover from the mental breakdown. The women in Stepford spent all their time doing houseworks, gardening and such things and they all seem “perfect wives” for their husbands. After some time Joanna, her writer buddy Bobbie (Bette Midler) and Democratic, flamboyant fairy friend Roger (Roger Bart) realise that something is wrong in Stepford and after the change in the personality of Bobbie and Roger, Joanna tries to find out what the problem is. In the movie “Stepford Wives” the issues such as gender, sex discrimination and the role of women are being showed. “Stepford Wives” addresses the changing role of women in society and apprehensions about technology. The Stepford men turns their women into robots because they do not want women who can think freely do what they want and can survive on their own. What they want is women who does not think just do cooking, cleaning and live for their husbands. The men create robot duplicates of their wives, which have no requests, aims, thoughts and become men's sexual and domestic slaves. The leader of the wives, Stepford realtor Claire Wellington (Glenn Close), says that she and her husband, Mike (Christopher Walken), have created a gated utopia void of “crime, poverty, and pushing.” Mike is also the leader of the local “men association” where the husbands hang out in the entire day. At the end we realize that the person who causes all of these things is not Mike but her wife Claire Wellington. Claire turns the women who were TV producers, writers, businesswomen and such things into robots that live for their husbands. We find out the great irony at the end of the

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