Compare and Contrast

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Compare and Contrast: Calixta and Mrs. Mallard Both women from “The Storm” and “The Story of an Hour” have very intriguing personalities. In the case of Calixta, she is alone in her house, awaiting the return of her husband Bobinot and her son Bibi from their trip to Friedheimer’s store. A fierce storm keeps the two from coming sooner and at the same time; Calixta rekindled a relationship with her past lover Alcee until the storm had passed over. Mrs. Mallard, on the other hand, is told by her sister and her husband’s friend Richard, of her husband’s untimely demise in a railroad disaster. She mourned of her husband’s passing but as she went up the flight of stairs into her room, Mrs. Mallard came to realize of her newfound freedom. She soon relished her liberation from her marriage to her husband Brently. Such freedom was short-lived, and as she her eyes caught sight of her husband’s entrance into the house, her heart gave way and she died. The two women do indeed share some similarities, but also at the same time show various differences that make their respective situations unique. Among the similarities between Calixta and Mrs. Mallard are the conditions of their marriages around the time of the stories: Calixta to Bobinot and Mrs. Mallard with Brently Mallard. From the text given in both short stories and the subtext in between the lines, Calixta and Mrs. Mallard were not satisfied with their marriages. The latter, Mrs. Mallard, did not have a fondness for her husband and this was evident in her quick realization that she was finally free, free to live out the rest of her days how she wanted. Despite her heart condition, the story mentioned that Mrs. Mallard breathed that she would get to live a long life ahead of herself. It would be a life that was hers and hers alone. Calixta, like Mrs. Mallard, was also not pleased with her life of
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